Vegetarian and Vegan

Please inform us if you or your guests are vegan at time of booking.

Show only:
  • Starters

  • Potato and Lovage Soup Vegetarian

    Price - 6.60
  • Salad of Beets, Orange, Radish and Candied Pecans Vegetarian Vegan

    Price - 8.70
  • French Café Salad Vegetarian

    (Chicory, Pears, Walnuts and Roquefort - Walnut Oil Dressing)  

    Price - 9.20
  • Grilled English Asparagus with Salsa Verde Vegetarian Vegan

    Price - 8.50
  • Cheddar Cheese and Spinach Soufflé Vegetarian

    Price - 10.20
  • Isle of Wight Tomatoes, Goats Curd and Lovage Vegetarian

    Price - 7.40
  • Main Course

  • Cauliflower Curry Vegetarian Vegan

    Price - 14.00
  • Crispy Chickpea Cakes, Roast Butternut Squash, Harissa and Pumpkin Seed Pesto Vegetarian Vegan

    Price - 14.00
  • Grilled Tofu, Asparagus, Garden Peas and Spring Vegetables Vegetarian Vegan

    Price - 14.00
  • Cheddar Cheese and Spinach Soufflé with Tomato Gratin and Green Salad Vegetarian Vegan

    Price - 14.00
  • Spring Vegetable Pappardelle, Wild Garlic and St. George Mushrooms v Vegetarian

    Price - 14.00

Please note that although we endeavour to keep our online menus up to date, menus on offer in the restaurant may differ.

  • Dessert

  • Raspberry Pavlova Vegetarian Vegan

    Price - 8.20
  • Chocolate Macaroon, Inaya Parfait and Wild Strawberry Sorbet Vegetarian Vegan

    Price - 8.20
  • Fresh Fruit Sorbets Vegetarian Vegan

    Price - 6.50

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